The Sorcerer (1982)

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The Sorcerer
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The Sorcerer (1982) : Full Length Movie The villagers of Ploverleigh are celebrating the marriage of Alexis, son of Sir Marmaduke Poindextre, to Aline, daughter of Lady Sangazure, who just happens to be Sir Marmaduke's old flame. Alexis is determined that all shall share the purity of his true love. He has arranged for Mr. Wells, "a dealer in magic and spells," to administer his best-selling love potion to everyone in the village, including the vicar Dr. Daly. The result is hilarious confusion.

Release Date:May 31, 1982
Production Company:
Production Countries:
Casts:Clive Revill, David Kernan, Alexander Oliver, Nan Christie, Donald Adams, Nuala Willis
Plot Keywords:musical